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Sales Team Struggling To Hit Goals?
Create Optimal Sales Practices To Increase Conversion

Common Sales Department Challenges

  • Is receiving inconsistent leads and sales leading to disappointing quarterly results?
  • Are you positioned to grow existing accounts, while finding new accounts like the ones you have?
  • Do you need help digging into the sales numbers?

If you’re like most small business owners you realize no matter how good your product or marketing plan is, it will be useless unless your sales strategy fuels results. Assessing where you’ve been and where you are now is essential. If you can’t clearly articulate which clients brought in the least and the most profit and which clients had the shortest sales cycles, Blackwood Impact Group can help.

Your sales team’s performance could also be suffering due to arbitrary growth numbers. Blackwood Impact Group can properly assess your services, products, marketing initiatives, and/or operational capacity so you’re able to set realistic quotas and performance metrics.

Setting Sales Goals Can Be Ambiguous

This easy-to-use 4 step template will allow you to set SMART sales goals that have a positive impact on your personal and professional life.


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Imagine the benefit of concrete, step-by-step plan to sell your products or services again and again.

A sales strategy should deliver these critical results:

  • Clear priorities everyone understands
  • Clear outcomes everyone can measure
  • Clear guidelines everyone can follow
  • Clear goals everyone can work toward

In order to guarantee success, your sales team needs to know the following:

  • A clear market strategy
  • A clear Ideal Customer Profile
  • Clear revenue goals
  • Clear positioning
  • A clear action plan

Having a well-functioning sales funnel and opportunity planning process will help your sales representatives achieve success.

Your sales representatives are most successful when they can answer these questions:

  • How much of each type of revenue do I need to make?
  • How many sales does this represent?
  • How many calls per day do I need to make?
  • How much time does this represent?
  • How many existing clients do I need to upsell to meet my goal?
  • How many prospects will I need to call on to close and meet my goal?

If you need help in removing the mystery from your sales strategy, creating clear guidelines everyone can follow, and developing a sales plan everyone embraces with enthusiasm, then Blackwood Impact Group is your answer.

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