Most businesses don’t know how to assemble high-performing teams.

Most business leaders struggle with people problems. Whether it be finding the right talent, building better operational processes, aligning employees with strategy, or building a solid business strategy, all roads lead back to people.

  • Do you struggle to hire, engage, and retain top talent?
  • Are groups struggling to work together?
  • Is it difficult to coach and motivate employees to work at their max capacity to achieve business goals?

These are common questions our clients have asked. Often, the problem occurs when Senior leaders develop a business strategy and they decide which operational and financial metrics they’ll measure to determine success without considering their current talent. But what sits between the strategy and the results are people. And too many leaders don’t have the insights needed to create a people strategy that works.

If you’re struggling to hit your business goals, it’s time to take a different approach and look at creating a people strategy.

Talent optimization is a four-part discipline you can use to align your business strategy and people strategy for stellar business results. Blackwood Impact Group is a certified partner of The Predictive Index, the world’s leading talent optimization platform.

What is PI?

How it works

Blackwood Impact Group


Uncover the root of your business problems by measuring and analyzing your people data—then prescribing remedies as needed. Diagnose is the first part of talent optimization, but it’s something companies need to do on an ongoing basis.


Crush the competition by designing your organization, leadership, culture, and team dynamics intentionally and strategically. Design is the second part of talent optimization, and this is where you’ll create and evolve your people strategy.


Use people data insights to build a workforce of top performers, while paying special attention to group dynamics. Hire is the third part of talent optimization, and this is where you’ll use talent optimization insights based on people data to hire and build high-performing teams.


Give your employees the people data insights they need to manage themselves—and their workplace relationships. Inspire is the fourth part of talent optimization and covers employee-oriented activities like career pathing and measuring team performance over time.

The Predictive Index® Methodology


No organization can afford to make bad hires. The PI® methodology takes the guesswork out of selection.


Motivate and engage employees, develop leaders, and ensure long-term success.


Navigate change and anticipate employee reaction.


Achieve your revenue goals by empowering your sales team.

The Predictive Index® Assessments

Blackwood Impact offers powerful Assessments via the Predictive Index. The subscription-based model allows your organization to administer as many assessments as needed for one flat rate.

  • The PI Behavioral Assessment

Pre-employment assessments to ensure candidate job fit—and predict on-the-job success.

  • The PI Cognitive Assessment

Wish you could predict if a candidate would be successful in each role? Our cognitive assessment gives you a treasure trove of insight with the push of a button.

  • PI Strategy Assessment™

Find and fix business strategy misalignment—so it becomes a blueprint for your employees.

  • Employee Experience Survey™

Discover why your employees’ clock in and check out.

Discover How Blackwood Impact Group Can Help You Align Your Strategy And Teams To Drive Business Growth



Talk to a talent optimization expert. They’ll learn about your business. Then they’ll explain how The Predictive Index can address your specific needs.



Take the PI Behavioral Assessment to see people data in action. When you understand how employees think and work, you can maximize their productivity.



Get a personalized Strategy Insights briefing to find out if you have the right team for your business strategy. Then we’ll consult with you on how to implement change.

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