Blackwood Impact Group is more than just a
consulting firm; it’s a catalyst for profitable growth.

Founded in 2018, Blackwood Impact Group has one mission, to help businesses achieve success. That mission is fueled by a passion to serve, a passion to solve, and a passion to systematize.

Our entrepreneurial leaders understand the hindrances of inefficient processes, the devastating effects of poor communication, and what a lack of collaboration between departments can do to a small business.

With proven, strategic steps, Blackwood Impact Group guides organizations on the path of implementing solid procedures and resolving performance pitfalls. Blackwood helps small businesses develop processes and personnel shifts that not only drive the bottom line but further develop the purpose and the passion of the business itself.

Blackwood Impact Group brings experience, flexibility, and commitment to each level of service.

By creating a seamless synergy between strategy and execution, we empower small business owners to take their business to a new level without the stresses of hiring an entire C-Suite. When you work with Blackwood Impact Group, you get the benefit of having a Chief
Revenue Officer (CRO) on your team for a fraction of the cost.

We provide more than a plan on paper. What makes Blackwood Impact Group different is our as-needed consulting, solution-focused phases of implementation, and our holistic, organization-wide results.

Blackwood Impact Group was founded on the principle of understanding the struggles in business and how to implement resolutions to those issues. Our bottom line is simple: we help businesses make the right sales and marketing decisions, improve efficiency, and increase revenue.

Our Mission

To align and improve our client’s highest revenue-generating initiatives—Sales, Marketing, and Operations—to maximize their revenue growth.

Our team operates through Our Core Values:






Life-Long Learning

What Is A Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)?

A chief revenue officer functions across sales, marketing, and operations to generate maximum return for the company. By extending reach and communication across multiple teams, the CRO dismantles silos and creates collaboration which drives revenue growth.

CRO Capabilities

In today’s marketplace, CRO’s are being called upon to:

  • Set the company’s overall revenue strategy.
  • Develop effective sales and marketing strategies.
  • Provide oversight to customer success initiatives.
  • Reduce operational expenditures and increase marketing/sales ROI.
  • Maximize partner relationships.
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  • Tired of Misalignment Costing You Money and Opportunities?
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  • Get The Benefits Of A Chief Revenue Officer To Help Grow Your Business.
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Steps to BIG Success

Business leaders realize generating long term, repeatable, scalable growth involves more than “here today, gone tomorrow consultants.” If you’ve invested time and money with consultants who’ve left you disappointed because the strategies they created were never fully implemented, we understand.

We also understand that when you have so many goals to accomplish, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we created this process:

Uncover Crucial Facts


Conduct a 360° custom
evaluation of your your
Sales, Marketing, and/or
Operations departments to
discover opportunities for
revenue growth.

Create a Plan


Create customized, actionable
strategies that lead to your
increased profitability.

Execute the plan


Implement new strategies so
you can grow efficient,
predictable revenue.

Manage Ongoing Initiatives


Support you throughout your
company’s growth phase;
allowing you to leverage your
newly enhanced business toolkit,
strategies, and tactics to succeed
well into the future.

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As we’ve worked with small business owners, most shared they want customized growth strategies, but they also needed a team to help ensure implementation, oversee execution, and provide as-needed involvement to generate long terms results.

When you work with Blackwood Impact Group, you’ll experience the difference. We listen to you, customize your strategy, and form the right team of specialists for your specific needs.

Our four-step process not only creates a strategy to align sales, marketing, and operations but it also prioritizes implementation and management of ongoing initiatives.

Our Team

Alcott Germany
Research & Strategy Consultant
Jacque Plair Rushin
Operations Consultant
Jim Kerlin
Sales Consultant
Melissa Martin, Founder and Brand Revenue Strategist of Blackwood Impact Group
Melissa Martin
Principal Consultant
Macrae Cain
Operations Consultant

We’re always looking for bright and driven consultants to join our team.

If you believe you would be a great fit for our company, please send your cover letter and resume to We’d love to hear from you!