Sales Enablement

Leverage Technology and Optimize Sales Content
To Empower Your Sales Organization

Are you looking for ways to empower a broader number of salespeople to meet and even exceed their goals so you scale faster?

Are you looking for ways to leverage your high performers so your entire team benefits from their expertise?

Are you trying to equalize your sales organization so you’re no longer relying on only a few sales superstars to hit the team quota?

Some business owners mistakenly view sale enablement as merely a hot topic or another vague buzzword that doesn’t deliver real benefits to their company.

Consider how these 7 Defining Attributes of Sales Enablement written by Scott Albro, CEO, and founder of TOPO can leverage your sales team for greater growth.

  1. The objective of sales enablement is to provide salespeople with the resources they need to sell more effectively.
  2. Sales enablement is more about the buyer and less about sales. Provide sales with the resources the buyer wants.
  3. Sales enablement provides salespeople with two categories of information. First, there are things like content that sales provide to the buyer. Second, there are things like best practices, research, and tools that sales will consume internally.
  4. Training and development are a large part of sales enablement because salespeople must know how to use the resources you provide to them.
  5. Sales enablement relies on usability and ease of use for the resources you design for your sales team.
  6. The use of the resources across the sales organization is the key to success. Sales enablement programs track and enforce whether the resources are being used.
  7. Measurement is the final defining characteristic of sales enablement. Metrics to track include average sales cycle length, number of reps achieving quota, and average deal size.

How To Craft The Perfect Sales Pitch

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If you realize effective sales enablement is an area of growth you’re ready to discuss, Blackwood Impact Group is ready to listen and guide you in this crucial area of business.

In three easy steps, we’ll help you create effective sales tools that are customer-centric and enable your sales representatives to better serve prospects and overcome their objections.

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We’ll review your current sales assets.


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We’ll create the right mix of sales tools for your team.

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Technology & Automation

If you need help organizing sales content, implementing a new Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), creating case studies, sales presentations, and/or email templates, schedule a consultation with Blackwood Impact Group.

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