Is Your Sales Organization Overdue For An Overhaul?

by blackwoodimpact

When your company is ready to move to its next significant level of success, that is the perfect time to reevaluate the systems and organizations at work inside your business. While all teams labor together towards your revenue goals, your Sales team is the all-important front-line of new customer acquisition and fresh profits.

The colloquial saying, “What got you where you are can’t take you where you’re going,” is certainly applicable to making quantum leaps in business. If you truly want to shift your status from “small” to “mid-sized” or from “mid-sized” to “enterprise,” it will require you to audit your Sales organization. You will need to scrutinize everything from your processes to your people, to your market positioning strategies. Blackwood Impact Group assists teams of all sizes with appraising and appropriately resetting their Sales group.

What Is A Sales Assessment?

A Sales Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your entire sales organization. The goal is to identify the systems, strategies, and staff that will be crucial for steering the company in its newly redefined direction.

As the foundation of Blackwood Impact Group’s Sales Assessment service, we examine your current management framework. We ask probing questions about the way you administrate data, how you track your team’s results, and your sales methodologies, among others.

Your go-to-market strategies that your “boots-on-the-ground” team employs has a direct effect on the revenue your company can generate. As such, this is another crucial, high-value area we evaluate for you. Applying the right strategy can dramatically increase your closed sales without changing much else.

Finally, having the right people who are in alignment with the company’s goals is priceless. Blackwood Impact group can help you determine which of your team members are performing in their right roles or who might need to be reassigned so the team can operate at their maximum potential. Individualized assessments aid in these determinations.

Three Ways You Can Benefit from A Sales Assessment

Embarking on an extensive Sales Assessment is not a luxury item. It is a vital tool in helping your company determine the overarching sales strategy which will become the backbone of your quantum leap forward. Having Blackwood Impact Group conduct an objective Sales Assessment for you has, at the very least, three identifiable benefits or positive results it will yield.

  1. A Sales assessment helps you identify your organization’s strengths and areas for growth. You will be able to quickly determine what isn’t working in your favor and how you can fix it.
  2. The information yielded by a Sales Assessment is the foundation for crafting new and more effective go-to-market strategies.
  3. With your Sales Assessment results in hand, you can answer critical questions and make more informed hiring, operational, and management decisions, such as:
    • Are your current team members in the right roles? Which ones are naturally able to keep their pipelines filled or make inroads into new industries?
    • Do your existing Sales team members need additional training or reassignment?
    • Does your company need to hire more administrative help?
    • Should you expand your marketing team to help increase lead generation?
    • Are the sales enablement tools crafted with the right messaging and do they effectively speak to the target demographic?
    • Is the team properly incentivized?
    • How should the team be structured to optimize closed deals?
    • Is the sales team optimally aligned with the rest of the company’s departments?

How Blackwood Impact Group Can Help You

Possibly the most significant benefit of allowing Blackwood Impact Group to conduct a Sales Assessment for you is we have the tools and experience to translate the results of your assessment into a workable plan of action, plus help you execute it. Our ultimate goal is to assist you with getting the most out of your current and future systems, strategies, and staff so that you attain the next level of growth you are seeking.

Our team of skilled practitioners will create a customized roadmap for you, designed to help you reach record-breaking profitability. If you are ready to learn more, reach out to us today at 770-502-6295 or for a no-obligation consultation.