Sales Coaching

Improve Performance and Crush Your Goals
By Developing Your Sales Team

Are you looking for ways to help your sales managers develop your team, improve performance, and achieve goals?

Are you striving to create an environment where team members feel self-motivated to grow, excel, and take greater responsibility for what they do?

Do your managers need guidance with improving their skills in:

  • Assessing strengths and areas for improvement?
  • Providing ongoing feedback?
  • Developing knowledge and skills?
  • Changing behaviors?
  • Inspiring self-motivation?
  • Strengthening relationships?

Most small business owners realize effective sales coaching is the key to long-term performance and overall organizational success. However, they don’t always have the time or the know-how to do so.

Interview Questions and Hiring Criteria For Hiring Your Dream Sales Team

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Give your sales managers tangible steps to help them excel with sales coaching.

Guiding managers to shift away from being the expert and the fixer into the role of coach for their team will help sales reps take ownership and accountability for their own growth.  

Greater independence, self-reliance, and improved job performance result from these management changes. 

Sales leaders who learn to give effective feedback will not only build greater trust, they’ll also reduce defensiveness and help sales professionals discover their own valuable insights.

If you’re ready to strengthen individual as well as organizational performance with your sales team, Blackwood Impact Group can help.


Discover How We Help You Develop a Sale Management Process That Maximizes Long-Term Performance?


We’ll examine your sales goals.


We’ll assess your team.


We’ll present our findings and a plan of action to optimize sales coaching.

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Here’s a Few of the Sales Coaching Deliverables We Provide


Recruitment & Hiring of Sales Staff


On-boarding Programs


Sales Training Workshops

If you’re ready to streamline recruitment and hiring of sales staff, onboarding programs, and sales training workshops, Blackwood Impact Group can help. Schedule a Consultation to learn how we deliver customized sales coaching.

Don’t see your specific need listed above? No worries.

Blackwood Impact Group customizes Sales Coaching Services to fit each client.


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