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Tired Of All The Mixed Messages and Marketing Confusion?
Grow Your Business With Data-Based Marketing Decisions.

Do you need your marketing efforts to produce better leads for your sales team?

Is your team so busy keeping up with the day-to-day pressures of marketing, they have no time for long-term strategy development?

Do you have one consistent brand message for your company? Better yet, do your people know it if asked?

Effective marketing starts with a clear message and a strategic plan.

Taking the time and energy to hammer out your mission and guiding principles, brand identity, marketing goals, objectives, and plan will guide all of your marketing decisions.

All the options for marketing can leave you feeling overwhelmed: digital advertising, promotional give-a-ways, direct mail, outdoor displays, and social media (just to name a few).


How to be 100% confident your marketing plan will deliver

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The sheer volume of options clamoring for resources creates a greater sense of urgency for creating your marketing strategy.

Getting organized with brainstorming, creating themes, and transferring action items to a calendar is only the beginning. You may also need to create a one-liner, website landing pages, sales funnels, or a social media campaign.

It’s easy for businesses to jump into tactics before they’ve done the foundational work of creating a marketing strategy. Unfortunately, that leads to poor results and wasted marketing dollars.

If you need help in focusing your Marketing Strategy, then Blackwood Impact Group can help.

Here Are A Few Marketing Strategy Deliverables We Offer


A Clear Company Message


Guiding Principles & Mission Statement


Marketing Plan


Campaign Goals & Objectives

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Our Marketing Strategy services are customized for each client.

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We’ll understand your business goals.


We’ll review your previous and current marketing initiatives.


We’ll create a marketing strategy that suits your business needs.

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