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Don’t Miss Another Great Opportunity! Gain Clarity and Confidence To Move Your Business Forward

How can you be sure where to invest your limited resources and go after opportunities that will provide the best returns?

Are you considering launching a new product or venturing into a new market yet you’re struggling to make a decision because you don’t have an understanding of the big picture?

Have you wasted your time, missed opportunities, and experienced financial losses which were detrimental to your company?

A Market Assessment Provides Clarity And Confidence

If you’re like most small businesses, you don’t have a team who can dedicate time to thoroughly perform survey data collection, market research, or digital marketing analysis. Lack of market knowledge will stifle decision-making. 


Market Assessment Template

Gain the confidence to move ahead or put the brakes on expansion when you implement The Five Forces Market Assessment.


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Imagine the confidence you’ll gain when you have a comprehensive analysis which includes:

  • Environmental forces
  • Market trends
  • Entry barriers
  • Competition
  • Risks
  • Opportunities
  • Your Resources
  • Your Constraints

The 5 Major Steps for Assessing of Your Market

  1. Understand market conditions: Intended market size, competition, potential customers, and income level Business environment (political, economic, social, and technological).
  2. Identify market risks and opportunities.
  3. Analyze the overall picture.
  4. Utilize red flags to identify negative issues and green flags to identify positive issues.
  5. Weigh positive and negatives and make an objective assessment before making a decision.


If you’re tired of “winging it” and you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of a data-driven market assessment, schedule a consultation with Blackwood Impact Group today.

It’s time to stop wasting your resources, hesitating to move forward with opportunities, and suffering financial losses because you don’t have a proper market assessment.

Allow Blackwood Impact Group to assess your market so a strategic plan can be implemented for revenue growth.

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Here’s a Few of the Market Assessment Deliverables We Provide


Survey Data Collection


Market Research


Digital Marketing Analysis

Don’t see your specific need listed above? No worries.

Blackwood Impact Group customizes Market Assessments to fit each client.

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