Customer Experience Strategy

Wow Your Customers & Skyrocket Retention

Do you lose customers to the competition?

Are you trying to improve the interactions your customers have both pre-and post-sale?

Do customers have a good reason to keep doing business with you?

Your customer experience problem could be rooted in the following issues:

  • You haven’t clearly articulated your value proposition.
  • You haven’t segmented your customers.
  • Your employees lack the power to help customers.

Imagine how improving your customer experience strategy can quickly benefit your customers, your team, and your bottom line.

According to Customer Strategist Journal, the six key areas of the digital customer experience are:

  1. Reachability: What channels is your business active on? How are these channels being used?
  2. Service convenience: Can customers self-serve?  What types of channels are being used to provide service?
  3. Purchase convenience: Is there friction in the purchase process?
  4. Personalization: How well does your business meet/cater to individual customer needs?
  5. Simplicity and ease of use: Are service informational channels optimized for mobile? Is the customer journey bogged down or straightforward?
  6. Channel flexibility: Is context about the customer being used and applied across all channels?  Is there a history of behavior, transactions, and conversations across touchpoints available for each customer?

If you’re experiencing high customer churn because you haven’t clearly designed a customer experience strategy, then Blackwood Impact Group can help.

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At the end of the day, you want to make it convenient for customers to do business with you. You want their pre and post-purchase experiences to be positive and meaningful across all interactions.

We’ll ensure you have quality across the entire customer experience, increase customer retention, and promote growth. Schedule a consultation with Blackwood Impact Group Today.

Steps To Creating A Successful Customer Experience Strategy


We’ll analyze your target audience.


We’ll evaluate your operational processes.


We’ll present findings and future plans.

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Here’s a Few of the Customer Experience Strategy Deliverables We Provide


Value Proposition Development


Customer Segmentation & Targeting


Go-To-Market Strategy


Customer Growth Strategy

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