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Move Faster & Scale Your Company By
Understanding Your Position In The Market

Are you hesitant to move forward with a growth opportunity because you don’t have a full evaluation of your business?

Are competitors ascending in your market yet you’re struggling to uncover the core issue of what’s holding you back?

As you look at your revenue streams, are you 100% sure you’re committing your sales and marketing resources to the most profitable areas for growth?

Business intelligence and market research are crucial to your success.

If analyzing your business feels overwhelming, we understand. With a profit and brand analysis, you can feel confident you’re making the best decisions that will empower you to grow your business.

Eliminate Financial Uncertainty & Never Lose Sight Of Your Bottom Line

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Most small business owners are overloaded leading and managing day-to-day demands, so they don’t have the time to step away from the business to fully analyze the business.

Dissecting the reported profit figures of a business to determine the actual extent of its profitability is foundational for any business. Calculating core earnings, deflating core earnings, and creating a trend line, improves your odds of discerning the true operational outcomes of a business. We’ll check for business model mistakes, look at turnover as well as profits, and dive deep into your revenue streams.

In three easy steps, Blackwood Impact Group will perform your business analysis so you can be confident you’re making wise decisions based on the available facts.

Want To Know How We'll Perform Your Business Analysis?


We’ll gather pertinent information and discuss objectives.


We’ll asses your content and data.


We’ll evaluate options and define project requirements.

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Here’s a Couple of the Business Analysis Deliverables We Provide


Profit Analysis


Brand Analysis

Blackwood Impact Group will help you ensure that the solutions you adopt address pertinent business problems by lowering business risks and breeding business value.

Don’t see your specific need listed above? No worries.

Blackwood Impact Group customizes Business Analysis Services to fit each client.

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