Agency Relationship Management

Establish Ideal Agency Relationships &
Guarantee Your Marketing Resources Are Being Used Wisely

Do you have different agencies or freelancers handling creative design, content curation, social media engagement, campaign analytics, and/or web development?

Does keeping up with all of the moving parts of your marketing efforts exhaust you?

Are the messages shared across your marketing channels inconsistent?

Establishing and managing agency relationships are crucial to your marketing ROI, yet you may be unsure of which marketing initiatives to invest in and overwhelmed by overseeing the projects.

Here are five questions, based on McKinsey Group insights, to help keep your agency relationships on the right track.

  1. Are you considering your future needs as you choose your marketing platforms? Your marketing mix is crucial for your future success, so invest the time now to consider your long-range goals when choosing platforms.
  2. Is your agency model agile, does it cover all of your marketing needs without overlap and waste?
  3. Are you tying your agency incentives to the metrics that are most important to you?
  4. Do you feel confident in the agency oversight you are receiving? Is the relationship built on trust and transparency?
  5. Are you working hard to be a good client by creating clear communication and practicing flexibility to ensure success?

Improve Your Agency Relationships & Be Confident Your Marketing Dollars Are Being Spent In The Best Channels

Download these crucial questions to ask when you interview agency partners.

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Setting clear objectives and prioritizing frequent, ongoing dialogue are keys for improving your agency relationship.  As a small business owner, you set the tone for the agency relationship, so creating clear expectations from the outset is crucial for success.

Imagine the confidence and freedom you’d enjoy when a Blackwood Consultant manages your marketing campaigns and agency relationships.  

With a Blackwood Consultant on your team, you’re no longer overwhelmed, wondering if you’ve dedicated the right resources to the right marketing channels with the right agencies.

In three easy steps, Blackwood Impact Group will assess your marketing initiatives and develop a plan to help you maximize your long-term performance with the right vendors.

Discover How We Help You Manage Your Agency & Freelancer Relationships


We’ll understand what you’re currently paying for.


We’ll assess the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.


We’ll present findings and next steps for getting the most out of your agency relationship.

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Here are a few Agency Relationship Management Deliverables we offer.


Agency Evaluation


Agency Selection


Scope of Work


Don’t see your specific need listed above? No worries.

Our Agency Relationship Management Services are customized for each client.

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