Profit plateaus are often seen a few years after startups achieve success.

This leaves the founder anxious and unsure of the next steps.

We use proven frameworks to build sustainable sales and marketing ecosystems that support predictable revenue.

So companies can grow, scale, and succeed!

You're not alone. Every company hits walls after exiting the startup phase.

Our Fractional Revenue Growth team will guide you to long-term growth.

After leaving corporate America, I decided to start my own real estate investment firm. My business plan was clear, but I was unsure about how I would brand the company. After hearing the horror stories of other business owners wasting large sums of money on marketing, I knew I needed to take the time to research and create a strategy around my branding initiatives. Blackwood Impact Group was not only able to help me craft my brand’s strategy, but they also made sure my logo and website were executed by a team that aligned with my business goals. I receive countless compliments on my logo and website. The Blackwood Consultants made sure my logo was created as a vector image, ensuring that all my promotional materials would look professional. I've never had a problem printing my logo on anything; from pens to hats and t-shirts, they all look great! My website’s investor login portal saves us a lot of time, and my clients use it with ease. I'm so glad I started with a clear strategy for my brand and online presence. I rest assured knowing that my brand resonates with my ideal clients and I don't have to redo any designs or web development any time soon.

Edward Bolden

Founder & Chairman of Bolden Capital Group

We needed to revamp our online presence. Our current website wasn’t the best representation of our brand nor services. It’s frustrating when you’ve spent money on marketing initiatives that don’t yield any value. However, as our company grew, we knew we needed a strategic website that would serve as more than just a digital business card. Since our previous attempts at building our site weren't major successes, we sought out the expertise of a consultant. The consultants at Blackwood Impact group came recommended because of their proficiency in aligning sales and marketing to produce revenue-generating strategies. Blackwood Impact Group handled everything from our sitemap, content, page layout, design direction, to the website execution. We didn’t have to worry about any of the moving parts. When we saw our finished website, it was even better than we expected! We continue to get positive feedback from the site. We couldn’t be happier to finally have a beautiful website with a clear message that resonates with our audience. In addition to the consultants at Blackwood Impact Group delivering a fantastic product, they were also very responsive to questions and always provided us with clarity and transparency. They believe strongly in customer service excellence and we experienced this during every phase of the process. We look forward to continuing to work with this stellar team on our future projects!

Berthine Crèvecoeur West

CEO of Westbridge Solutions

We needed to train new sales reps fast but didn’t have the capacity to do so on such short notice. They needed to be brought up to speed quickly and ready to hit the phones. The time constraints had our team on edge, but Blackwood Impact Group assured us that they could deliver. Blackwood Impact Group was not only able to facilitate sales training workshops for our new hires, but they were able to create custom sales materials and visual aids – all branded specifically for Chime. The trainees gave great feedback and appreciated the interactive training style the consultants delivered. The production teams now have the foundational tools to succeed at Chime are excelling with their quotas.

Ebony Jean-Louis

Director of Talent Acquisition at Chime Solutions

As a recovering perfectionist, I found it hard to turn my vision of how my website should look, operate, and be into reality. I struggled to articulate all that I had to offer. Going at it alone was exhausting, and I felt like no matter how much effort I put into my website, it just wasn’t enough. Everything changed the moment I spoke with Melissa. I knew my lucky stars had aligned with her brand storytelling and website strategy expertise — from the trust established, immense knowledge demonstrated, and professionalism held. She started by guiding me through my brands messaging, and everything fell into place after that. The entire experience of collaborating has been and continues to be outstanding. I recommend Blackwood Impact Group to anyone looking to grow their small business and maximize revenue.

Rebekah Alexander

Founder of The Deconstruct Co

When I started my business in 2017, I was able to easily acquire clients through my relationships from my days in Corporate America and strategic partners. Although business was good, I knew I needed to invest in establishing my online presence for sustainable growth. We started by crafting my brand story and company messaging. The difference between Blackwood and most consultancies is that Blackwood not only helps you develop a strategy but they also help you bring it to life. I wasn’t left with a document of action items that still needed to be implemented. After Blackwood solidified my messaging, they created my website, sales letter, and service brochures. I rest assured knowing I have a solid foundation to grow my brand.

Royce Willis II

Founder of EW Consulting

I wasn’t hitting my sales numbers and lacked direction and confidence. It felt like I was shooting in the dark. I didn’t have anyone to bounce ideas off or role-play for future sales scenarios. I hadn’t used other companies but believed I could achieve more with one-on-one sales coaching. What’s different about Blackwood Consultants is their real-world sales experience and knowledge that I could immediately apply to my current role to get results. In three months, I was getting significant increases in my sales numbers, and after six months, I have consistently doubled my sales goals; the key there is consistent, not up-and-down, results. It feels good to be successful! I’m earning more money than I ever have. I never worry about paying a bill. My vision is more prominent, my goals are higher, and my confidence increases with every sale. I will continue to invest in my ongoing development.

David Martin

, Sales Arborist at AKA Tree Removal

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