Fractional Chief Revenue Officer Case Study: Sales, Marketing, & Operations Consulting for RTL Digital Media

Overhauling the Most Revenue Generating Departments: Sales, Marketing, & Operations

“We needed to boost our sales pipeline, streamline our processes, and revamp our sales and marketing strategies. Blackwood Impact Group helped us improve several things. They did a great job crafting a referral program, hiring digital specialists, constructing standard operating procedures, and rebranding the company. The consultants at Blackwood helped us take our business to the next level!”

-Amy Tippins, CEO

Key Stats

Average 7 new clients per month

Cut production time down by half

Average client size grew by 50%


RTL Digital Media is a digital marketing agency that provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO), online advertising, and geo-targeting text advertising, among other services. They needed to revamp their marketing, sales, and operational strategies.


  • Unpredictable sales pipeline
  • Low budget clientele
  • Slow turnaround time for onboarding new marketing clients
  • An inconsistent website build process
  • Lack of accountability with employees


Since RTL needed to revamp multiple areas of their business, they engaged us in a 12-month retainer. A retainer is ideal when taking on a project of this magnitude and allows the client to apply a holistic Growth Strategy to their organization. Throughout their retainer, RTL received the following services:

  • Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Business Plan
  • Sales Coaching
  • Updated Sales Proposal Template, Sales Sheet, and Presentations
  • Sales Playbook (100+ pages)
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Client Onboarding Program
  • Hiring & Onboarding of New Employee- created interview questions, screened resumes, interviewed candidates, gave candidate recommendations, and created KPIs for new hire
  • Rebranding (StoryBrand Methodology: tagline, one-liner, slogan, and elevator pitch)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Plan
  • Case Studies and Testimonials (strategy and content)
  • Referral Program
  • Website Strategy (content, layout, user experience)


After 12 months of Fractional Chief Revenue Officer consulting, RTL was able to turn around its most lucrative departments. The holistic Growth Strategy enabled RTL to

  • Average 7 new clients per month
  • Reduce website production time by half
  • Double the price of their retainers
  • Sell bigger projects
  • Grew their average client size by 50%

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We are a Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Consultancy specialized in improving your highest revenue-generating departments: Sales, Marketing, and Operations.


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